The main objectives of the campaign...

1. To promote Stuttering Awareness and Mental Wellbeing, not only in Ireland but also with the International Stuttering Community and both the Self-Help and Professional Academic Communities.

2. To provide a platform for people who are challenged by stuttering to connect and express.

3. To connect people who stutter through the various social media organisations and platforms which are available.

4. To provide information, to run social media workshops dealing with a variety of issues that will connect people and support them regarding the isolation which for some is so challenging.

5. To connect with all the International Stuttering Organisations to contribute information and support so they too can support and inspire others.

6. To build a solid base in Ireland to influence an invitation to the American President Mr Joe Biden to give us a few moments of his time when and if he visits Ireland during his Presidency.

7. To bring together the Self-Help and Professional Speech Community to work more closely regarding and providing a more cohesive support network for people who are challenged by stuttering.

8. To bring the Irish Stuttering Community to the attention of the world stuttering audience through our contributions to the "International Stuttering Awareness Day" on the 22nd of October every year.

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